10 Day Mind & Body Total Detox

Are you feeling like you want to hit the RESET button? Are you tired of annoying little symptoms such as achy joints or muscles, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, allergies or gas, or more serious problems such as autoimmune diseases, migraines, asthma, acne, irritable bowel, reflux, arthritis or worse?

If you answered yes, then this 10 Day Mind and Body Total Detox is for you. Don’t worry it’s not some crazy liquid diet and starving yourself. It’s based on real food, self-care techniques, and exercise.

Why is detoxing important? We get an unhealthy buildup of toxins in our body from everyday items like food, sugar, alcohol, beauty and personal care products, and the environment. It’s important to support and cleanse and rid our bodies from these toxins.

Here's what Amanda J. said after her 10 days: "Yesterday I completed day 10 of the detox! I have not felt so good, this many days in a row in years. The first 3 days were a challenge because I didn't properly prepare and refused to cheat, but once I got rolling it was really easy. I wasn't hungry, dropped a few pounds, my mood, energy & focus were consistent and great. I even kicked coffee for the first time ever by using the first 4 days to slowly wean myself off. I have started new routines of eating and honestly feel so invigorated that I'm going to continue on a slightly modified version of this for the next 10 days. I feel like I've been driving my family crazy with my constant excitement over how well this worked for me, and I'm already looking forward to next year."

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to share this info with you.  I believe wholeheartedly in this detox and know you will feel absolutely AMAZING once you complete it.  

Here's what's included in your detox program (Over $400 value): 

  • 10-Day Success Manual: This will contain our best tips, strategies, and recipes to help you to get the most out of this detox. 

  • Daily Checklist: To make sure you are staying on track with the key components on a daily basis. (print 10 of these)

  • Sample 10-Day Meal Plan: This is a sample 10-Day detox plan- feel free to customize and make it your own based on the rules in your Success Manual! 

  • Grocery List: A complete grocery list for you if you choose to follow the sample plan exactly.

  • Blank Meal Chart: If you choose to create your own plan, I've included a blank chart for you to make it easy!

  • Personal Commitment Statement: Print this out and sign it- it will help to keep you focused and accountable over the next 10 days.

  • Strength Training Workouts:  workouts for you to do during your 10 days
  • Private Facebook Group with my coaching and accountability! 
It’s critical for you stick to your plan for the ENTIRE 10 days.  
You will feel like a million bucks when you’re done.....just fill out your credit card info and you are ready to go!

Yours in health,
Colleen Riddle

Got questions? Email: Colleen@ColleenRiddle.com

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