Tired of the "Same Old Stuff" for dinner? Access over 12 healthy recipes for sauces, marinades, and dressings. Plus the perfect formula for you to create your own masterpieces!

Want to make your meals more exciting, but don't know how?

We all know that healthy food is the best way to lose weight, but most of us don't have the time or money to cook gourmet meals every night for our families. 

And even if we did ... it would probably still taste like cardboard!

That's why we created this Recipe Guide for making Tasty Sauces, Marinades, and Dressings that’ll make almost any meal taste better and healthier.

These specifically designed recipes use healthy, whole-food ingredients that still pass the "picky eater" test. 

This guide contains over a dozen recipes for delicious sauces, marinades, and salad dressings that you can make in under 30 minutes from real ingredients you ALREADY have in your kitchen. 

You'll never feel deprived again when eating healthy foods with these fresh ideas!

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Colleen Riddle

Meet Colleen Riddle

Like many of my friends, I was raised with a “Clorox” mentality, where the thinking is that it’s not clean unless your lungs burn. I was crazy for everything scented, from candles to personal care products.  If it smelled clean I “automatically” assumed it was in fact “clean” (and good for you). 

I remember bonding with my mom as she would show me how to apply makeup and all the wonderful smelling body sprays and lotions. She even showed me her “secret” for oily skin (baby powder). Little did I know that baby (talcum) powder would later be disclosed as massively toxic.

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