Hi, I’m Colleen Riddle,
and this is my story!

I’m grateful to call the beautiful Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida home. For fun, I enjoy spending time outdoors kayaking, paddle boarding, relaxing on the beach, or playing Pickleball. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband and best friend, John, for 23 years. He’s my rock and biggest cheerleader. We have two adorable cats that keep us entertained on a regular basis.
Like many of my friends, I was raised with a “Clorox” mentality, where the thinking is that it’s not clean unless your lungs burn. I was crazy for everything scented, from candles to personal care products.  If it smelled clean I “automatically” assumed it was in fact “clean” (and good for you). 

I remember bonding with my mom as she would show me how to apply makeup and all the wonderful smelling body sprays and lotions. She even showed me her “secret” for oily skin (baby powder). Little did I know that baby (talcum) powder would later be disclosed as massively toxic.

One day after swim practice, my dad delivered the devastating news that my mother had ovarian cancer. I couldn’t believe it. My heart broke as I fell to the floor in agony. What would I do without my mother? How could I live without her? 

For ten years I helplessly watched my mother battle for her life as the horrors of cancer unfolded. As difficult as this time was, it was also a blessing. Among many life lessons she taught me determination. Often, being a competitive athlete was a grind. Early morning workouts, injuries, missing out on social events took its toll on me. When I wanted to give up, I’d think about her battle and how she was so proud of me. That work ethic is instilled in me today.
In retrospect, my mom’s death planted a seed in my soul that has grown into a passion for personal health and wellness. And yet, when I achieved everything I had set out to achieve, I still had an indescribable desire to do more. That desire, I eventually learned, is a passion for helping others to achieve their own personal greatness. Now, some fifteen years later, after starting my own successful personal fitness business, leading and creating high-energy wellness teams in business, creating an award-winning video series, and writing a book, I’m nowhere close to stopping!
As I began thinking of ways to serve others, so many questions loomed. I thought a lot about my mother and how I wished I could have saved her. I also thought a lot about my own life journey and how the decisions and choices I’ve made have indeed made all the difference in terms of the healthy lifestyle I now lead. I also remember the one question that just wouldn’t go away…
Why are so many people being diagnosed with cancer?
Now including a brother and sister. Then in 2017 I was introduced to Young Living. The answers were right under my nose the whole time (literally and figuratively). The products I trusted for my family were tainted with cancer-causing ingredients. At first, I was shocked. Then I was mad. How can industries get away with this? Don’t consumers have a right to know? Third—and most importantly—I was impowered, because now I was beginning to see the truth in the answers I had long sought. And, as it has been said, knowledge is power!

I’m so excited to have walked the path that has led me to you. Together, we can experience a life we’re meant to live—our best life ever!
333, The Power of Equilibrium

Part of my passion for educating people about health and wellness was captured in my book, 333, The Power of Equilibrium. I co-wrote it with two other authors and we dive into three unique perspectives of the three primary overarching aspects of life-Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s about balance, awareness, and introspect.

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