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Hi. I'm Colleen!
I'm a health and fitness entrepreneur who has turned my passion into an amazing system of transforming lives through health, wellness, and prosperity.
I'm passionate about helping people discover optimal health and wellness. 

It's what drives me. 
When I discovered what it takes to create a healthy fulfilling life, I knew I had share it with others. 
But, like most people, I had to learn to find my own way. 

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I have worked with Colleen for over six years, and I am continuously amazed by her passion, knowledge, leadership, and commitment to those she is serving. 

She has helped my husband and I OWN our fitness! Not only has she made our training sessions something we look forward to, but she’s helped us fall in love with the process of being our healthiest selves. In addition, I’ve watched Colleen lead hundreds of others as they work towards their financial goals. She is highly skilled at helping people figure out what matters in their life and how to go after their dreams. 

Anyone who decides to partner with Colleen will be choosing to live a fuller, richer, life. 
          ~ Kimmy Brooke

I worked with Colleen and her New Mommy Makeover program, and I cannot recommend Colleen enough for new moms, women that have been moms for a while, or women who are not moms! I was getting ready for my wedding, had never had children, AND lost 13 pounds in 3 months! The weight loss was great, but the education and support I received through personal and group coaching with Colleen was what set me up for success. She is so knowledgeable and kind, patient, but encouraging. The workouts were challenging, fun, and produced results. I ALWAYS recommend Colleen and New Mommy Makeover to friends and strangers who ask about workout programs because I never felt like I couldn't do something with Colleen. She is the standard to which I hold personal trainers and programs. Also, she's just such a great person, positive and caring, and willing to support you on your way to reaching your goals.
          ~ Abby B

"Colleen is knowledgeable and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Her dedication motivates me to lead a healthier life. She helps identify solutions and create a plan to achieve my fitness goals. She is an expert in field and has become a lifelong friend."
          ~ JuJu M

"I have known and been a business partner with Colleen for over ten years.  She is a role model of ethics, leadership, vision and self-motivation.   And she is one heck of a fitness coach.  Since working out virtually with Colleen I have lost 25 lbs and increased my strength and endurance significantly.   And at the age of 66 am playing the best golf of my life, driving the ball an average of 250 yards with a handicap of 7.5."
           ~Richard Bliss Brooke