My story

Like many of my friends, I was raised with a “Clorox” mentality, where the thinking is that it’s not clean unless your lungs burn. I was crazy for everything scented, from candles to personal care products.  If it smelled clean I “automatically” assumed it was in fact “clean” (and good for you). 

I remember bonding with my mom as she would show me how to apply makeup and all the wonderful smelling body sprays and lotions. She even showed me her “secret” for oily skin (baby powder). Little did I know that baby (talcum) powder would later be disclosed as massively toxic.

Chemical-Free Living

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"Colleen is so knowledgeable about living a chemical free life! I encourage everyone to listen to all the tips she has to keep us living healthy. I thought I knew about chemical free living until I sat down with Colleen and learned about all the products Young Living has to offer! She is so encouraging and understands it is a learning curve. She is always there to help and give a quick tip by pulling out one of her reference guides! I have switched off of so many of my old toxic products thanks to Colleen. She has a solution for so much. I can not say enough about this woman! She has taught me so much and I’m forever grateful."
          ~ Ashley B
"I've been a Young Living member for about four years. I started buying oils and I now buy almost everything from them. I love their products, from essential oils, to makeup, to cleaning products. I love knowing whatever I buy is chemical free, that gives me peace of mind. My health has improved since taking their supplements, my skin has improved from their makeup and skincare line and my house always smells fantastic from their cleaning products and essential oils, even with five pets. I haven't been this excited about a company in a long time. I look forward to my monthly box, the monthly freebies are amazing! I have a huge collection of essential oils, mostly all free. I can't imagine not being a Young Living member. I’m thankful introduced me and educated me about how important it is to create a chemical-free home!"
          ~ Brandy B
“Colleen is an inspiring, amazing, energetic and lead by example role model! She introduced me to YL oils first when my little Chihuahua LeLe was having leg surgery and we had to travel hours to a specialist and she would shiver and pant the entire trip. Lavender has changed our lives for every vet visit and car trip now and she lays down and sleeps. After taking her introduction to the starter kit oils class, I learned about so many different oils that enhanced my own life from mood lifting to energizing to dealing with grief, life changing stuff! From there Colleen’s chemical free classes introduced the Thieves line. I love knowing I am cleaning without toxins especially where my pets are involved. She has shown me ways to slowly change over everyday household products to YL clean living products and earn points for free stuff too! Doesn’t get better than that! Colleen rocks on all levels.”  
          ~Jennifer J