How do you deal with emotions?

How do you deal with emotions?
This month we are getting real with ourselves and moving past our unhealthy coping mechanisms to do the real work, and we are using the Feelings Kit from Young Living Essential Oils to help us release past trauma and emotional blocks.

Yes, I'm normal and have my own coping mechanisms. Most of the time it's wine. Yup....I'm a personal trainer and I love wine. There's no problem with drinking wine, but I know that sometimes it's an automatic "go to" when I'm stressed out or angry. Instead of digging in and "feeling," I grab the glass of wine.

How about you? Do you flip on Netflix to escape and grab a bag of Doritos? Hop on Amazon and shop the night away?

As the gatekeepers of our homes we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products and create healthy habits for ourselves and families! Join us as we detox our emotions this month and switch out conventional coping mechanisms for healthier, healing options! 

For May, we are focusing on digging deep to release all our comfort vices, sit with and honor our experiences and trauma, and do the emotional work needed to move forward in healing and self love. Instead of turning to things like detachment, Netflix binges, alcohol, food, sugar, shopping, work, projects or any other comfort measure that keeps us from truly processing the emotions beneath, we are going to pull out the Feelings Kit and use these oil blends with intention and consistency!

Why use these essential oils (or oils at all?!) for this process? Because of the power of aromatherapy and the limbic system. Our sense of smell is directly related to our emotions and mood. The cranial nerve associated with smell sits next to the hypothalamus - the area of the brain responsible for mood, feelings and emotional processing. Further, the Feelings Kit blends contain a combination of oils high in compounds that can cross the blood brain barrier to reprogram bad coding from the cells. Then other compounds rewrite that code to restore the original perfect copy, one that will not keep us pulled into the physical and emotional effects of stress. This is a process, but the great thing about essential oils is that we have a CHOICE to embrace that process instead of loading our bodies up with lots of toxins and other things that create more confusion in the cells.

The Feelings Collection includes six essential oil blends, each of which is a powerful tool for supporting and releasing emotional patterns. Use in the morning and evening to promote peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony. To learn more click here and check out the fascinating Feelings Kit.

Reach out if you'd like more information or to get started with us. There's a group of us doing it together and we have extra, helpful information to go along with the kit! I'm on Day 3 and loving it!

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The Magic Formula for Success....

The Magic Formula for Success....
Are you ready for the secret to body transformation success? (This secret actually contributes to almost EVERY kind of success.)
It’s that the BASICS will get you (at least) 90% of the results you are looking for!
The quality & quantity of foods you eat … how much & what kind of movement you do every day … how much sleep you get …  how much stress you’re under.
They all add up to SUCCESS.
“The big secret in life is there is no secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” – Oprah Winfrey.
The best thing about all of this is this: every single one of the basics impacts the OTHER basics.
They work synergistically to not only help you FEEL BETTER, but also reach your goals.
This is what I’m talking about (just one example!):
  • When your nutrition is dialed in …
  • You have more energy to exercise, which helps
  • Boost your mood and relieve stress, which makes it easier to 
  • Get a good night of sleep, which helps
  • Balance important hormones that help you stay feeling full & satisfied, which
  • Makes it easier to keep your nutrition on-track.
  • And around it goes!
Getting your basics in line helps you feel vibrant, focused, refreshed, and motivated.
In fact, if you’re NOT feeling those things, it’s a sign that at least one of your “basics” is out of whack.
What steps can you take TODAY to cover your basics? 
It really does make all the difference – especially when you’re at a sticking point in your program.
If you are ready to make your results a reality, I’m here to help with a proven program. And of course, I help you to really nail those basics! My 28-Day Total Body Transformation Challenge starts Monday, May 3rd. It’s guaranteed to get you feeling great (literally I have 100% money back guarantee!)! You’ll get accountability, daily emails to keep you on track, proven workouts for success, full meal plans, delicious recipes, and more. You deserve it….click HERE to register and use coupon code “Iamready” to get your 10% off discount! This one decision can help you feel energized and strong headed into Summer!

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Boost your workout with this one simple tip!

Boost your workout with this one simple tip!
πŸ”₯Ready for a quick tip for boosting your workout results that works for ALL levels?!
It can improve your fitness, rev up your calorie burn, AND can also help you break out of a plateau if your results are stalling.  
πŸ’ͺIt’s INTERVAL TRAINING – and even though it sounds intense, you don’t have to be a seasoned exerciser to add it into your routine.
πŸ’‘PLUS – it has all the potential health benefits of regular workouts:
● Improve cardiovascular fitness
● Lower your heart rate and blood pressure
● Reduce blood sugar levels
βœ…One of the easiest ways to experiment with interval training is to simply add in a few bursts of higher intensity work during your regular cardio workouts. 
If you’re walking, pick up the pace for 30-60 seconds, and then slow back down to your normal “moderate” pace to recover, and repeat. 
⏱A good ratio to shoot for is 2:1 of intense to easier work. That would translate to picking up the pace for 30 seconds and then slowing down for 15 seconds.
I design my strength training workouts with bursts of cardio in between weights (like Kettlebell swings, High Knees, Skater Hops, etc).
And there’s even MORE good news – if you’re adding intensity to your workouts, you don’t have to work out as long!

If you want effective, fun, and quick workouts plus an entire 28-Day meal plan, 67 recipes, accountability coaching, dining out guide, daily inspirational emails and more, join my 28-Day Total Body Transformational Challenge starting May 3rd! Check it out HERE!
Do you already do interval training? 
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How important is sleep?

How important is sleep?
πŸ’‘Q: Does it REALLY matter whether I get 7-8 hours of sleep every night?
A: The answer is …. YES!
⭐We’ve all heard the popular hustle-and-grind saying: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
But you’ll actually get MORE done – and do it better! – if you get enough sleep. PLUS, you’ll feel better doing it.
βœ…Here’s a quick rundown of WHY sleep is important:
  • Your brain forms new pathways to help your memory while you sleep.
  • Being rested helps you control your emotions and behavior.
  • It improves your recovery from workouts.
  • It keeps your hormones balanced (including those that control stress, blood sugar control, and food cravings). 
  • Plus, it triggers the release of growth hormone, which helps your body build muscle and repair cells.
  • Getting too little sleep (in the long term) is linked with a higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and kidney disease.
  • Getting too little sleep increases the risk of obesity.
  • Your immune system performs better when you are rested.
  • Getting enough quality sleep helps you be more productive and efficient during the day. 
As you can see, your body isn’t asleep on the job when you’re sleeping – it’s actually working hard to keep you healthy, strong, and productive!
How many hours of sleep did YOU get last night? Drop a comment! 

Yours in health,

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Poop πŸ’© on your shoes?

Poop πŸ’© on your shoes?
πŸ’₯ Hate to break it to you but …
… if you wear your shoes out of the house, there’s a good chance there’s poop on them. πŸ’©
Even if you never knowingly step in it!
Pretty gross. This is why it’s a good idea to think about going shoe-free in your house! (Preferably beginning in your entryway.)
Get this: scientists had people wear brand-new shoes for two weeks and then they sampled the shoes for bacteria.
The transfer rate of bacteria from shoes to clean tiles ranges from 90% to 99%!!! 😳
Other studies have found a wide range of harmful bacteria on shoes, ranging from E. coli and C. diff to those linked with pneumonia … not to mention pesticides and other chemicals.

I have not had this policy in our house, but after discovering this information, I am going to start! I always say, "Know better do better!" Just like I wasn't aware of all the hidden chemicals in my home and personal care products until it was brought to my attention. We don't know what we don't know! 
πŸ‘‰Do you have a shoe-free policy in your home? Are you going to start!? Share with me!!

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