Colleen's Programs
Online Personal Training and Coaching Services
Take your wellness & fitness to the next level with one-on-one coaching. Feel stronger, leaner, and more confident with specific programming for YOU!

10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox
This 10+Day Total Mind & Body Detox is for you if you are feeling like you want to hit the RESET button. 

28-Day Challenge
This challenge is done at various times of the year, but will do for your private group at any time. Message me for details.

New Mommy Makeover
Postnatal video program to help you feel successful and confident after your baby arrives.

"My husband has been training with Colleen for years, but I started last March when Covid-19 hit.  We both converted to half-hour zoom sessions.  I was surprised at how much could be accomplished in a half hour! Colleen selects an array of moves that hit balance, strength and endurance.  The combination each week is surprisingly challenging.  I am not a gym rat, and I can honestly say I am never bored with her personalized selections for me.  I can feel the improvement in targeted issues and also in my tennis, golf and just life!  These workouts are a great addition to my other activities. And Colleen's upbeat and positive training makes the time disappear.  I am hooked!"
          ~ Billie M (age 65)

When I started Colleen’s 28 day challenge, I was physically and emotionally in a rut. This challenge completely turned me around and headed me back in the right direction. I feel and look so much better! I would recommend this challenge to anyone!! Colleen is amazing, kind and fun to work with! Her workouts and all her lifestyle ideas are absolutely wonderful!! I would go so far as to say this stuff is life saving!!! 
          ~ Sandy H
When I first heard about Colleen's program, I thought I didn't have "time" for another program. I read more about it and realized it was different and easier than most programs that are out there. I changed some major bad habits in just 3 days into the program that I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to do. I love the new habits I've created and still going strong; they are really lifelong changes. Who knew! Colleen did!
          Melissa G

“Colleen, thanks so much for this Sugar Detox!  I really have been reading more labels than ever!!!!!  Your tips have been marvelous!  You are amazing and so helpful!  I’m trying bits at a time to change some of my habits!”  
          ~Denise G