Mobility & Movement Workshop
IT'S NO SECRET, Getting older is hard on the body. As we age, our flexibility and range of motion decrease. Come learn tips to be proactive!

About this event:

Oh my aching _____! I bet you could fill in the blank pretty easily. Couldn't you? Joint stiffness, muscle aches, thinning cartilage, inflammation, swelling… all these could be signs of poor musculoskeletal health. So how do you take care of the very things that help you move? 
Join us on Tuesday, September 27th as we walk through the basics of the musculoskeletal system, potential dangers, and easy ways you can support your bones, muscles, and joints. Our bodies were made for movement - let’s get moving! 
Not only will we have a blast together, but you’ll leave feeling confident in knowing how to be proactive with your health.

You’ll learn:
• Basics of supporting your musculoskeletal system
• Mobility movements for your entire body
• Foods and supplements to fight inflammation
• Ways to reduce stress and why it’s important
• Yoga moves to support mobility

Lese Klein, owner of Yoga Bar 30a and Colleen Riddle, holistic personal trainer and owner of Elite Physique Personal Training, are locking arms to bring you a power-packed evening of fun, education, and movement.
This will be a hands-on workshop followed by a short, instructional yoga practice. We will have some light (antioxidant) snacks available as well!

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