Secret way to burn more calories

Secret way to burn more calories
Happy Groundhog Day! If you are disappointed that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and we have 6 more weeks of winter, I am too! I hate cold weather, but I wanted to look at the bright side of things.....

I recently read an article about the benefits of exercising in cold weather. According to Harvard Health Publishing, “studies show that exercising in cold weather can transform white fat, specifically belly and thigh fat, into calorie-burning brown fat.” Because working out in the cold activates brown fat more than exercising at room temperature does, it can potentially help efforts to lose weight.

Well, that's some good motivation to get outside and move our bodies! Here are a few tips to stay safe while exercising in colder weather:

1. Warm up with dynamic stretches (involves motion to increase circulation). Our cold muscles need extra warm up to avoid injury. Here are a few examples
     *Arm circles
     *Air squats
     *Toe Touches
     *Leg swings

2. Layer your clothing and cover your head, hands, and ears

3. Stay hydrated: believe it or not, you're more prone to get dehydrated when it's cold because your thirst sensation is reduced. Drink before, during, and after exercise.

Other perks of exercising outdoors in the winter include improvements in your metabolism, fat-burning, mood, endurance, heart health and sleep. 

Let me know what exercise you do outside! 

Stay warm, and happy Ground Hog Day!

Yours in health,
Colleen Riddle, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Young Living Gold Independent Distributor 
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