Happy New Year! I've included a Facebook Live I did on the first Monday "back to work." Take a listen!

Overall, I talk about a way to help you make great decisions, set your priorities and stick to them, and even help you achieve your goals!

Plus....it can even help you feel GREAT in the process. And NO, it's not an energy drink or magic pill!

It's your FOCUS WORD for 2021.

Your word will set the tone for the entire year. It's basically your 2021 mantra. It's your intention.

Examples of words could be something like, "STRONG," "RENEW," "INTENTIONAL," or "TRANSFORM."

Whatever word you choose, it should align with your goals and also make you feel GOOD when you say it.

Words with a strong emotional response will keep you feeling excited and fired up!

First, having just ONE WORD, is simple....and reminding yourself of your word every day will help you stay on track.

The whole idea is to do MORE things that connect you with that word, and FEWER things that push you away from it.

For example, if your word is "VIBRANT" and you go out to eat, keeping your word in mind can help you order foods that make you feel vibrant...not tired or bloated later!

Take some quiet time to think about what word resonates with you for the year. Make a list and really THINK about your word. Make sure you connect with it in a deep and meaningful way, and it sums up what you want MORE of in your life!

Are you ready for my word........EXPANSION!

I'd love to hear your word!

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Yours in health,
Colleen Riddle, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Young Living Gold Independent Distributor 
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