Did you know that we are actually in charge of our attitude every day? Some days when I'm in a funk, or grumpy, I remind myself that I have the power to shift my energy and attitude at any time. I just have to decide. One great way to do this is beginning your day with rituals. Things you do every morning that help set the stage for an incredible, happy day! Here are a few ideas.

1. Gratitude: Before you get out of bed think of 10 things you are grateful for. It could be that you have a warm cozy bed to sleep in. It could be your fur baby that's snuggled beside you. Or if you are really tired and can't think of much because you really don't want to get out of that warm bed, be grateful you have feet that will hit the floor, eyes that you can open, and the roof over your head. Sounds simple, but can really be profound.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast: Filling your body with clean nutrients will power you through your morning. Mentally, it feels awesome to know that you are making a decision to fuel your body with the power it deserves.

3. Personal Development/Meditation: I notice a huge difference in my attitude when I make the time to read or meditate. If you aren't a reader, there are great books on audible. I love listening to books while I'm driving around. Podcasts are another great option. One of my favorite ones is "The Quote of the Day." Most are about 10 minutes, and the speakers are always inspiring and give a great message!

4. Practice visualization: Personally, it helps set the tone for my day. The visualization piece is huge for me because it reminds me of my "why," and motivates me to kick ass because I'm on a mission! You can even break it down and visualize how you want your day to go. Have an important meeting? Visualize the way you want it to go! Seriously, this works. A great book to help you learn the art of visualization is, Mach II with your Hair on Fire by Richard Brooke.
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